Krazy dating expectations of girls in China


Happy Valentines Day! NO JOKE!! This video will enlighten you on how spoiled girls in China can be nowadays and the financial burdens imposed on poor hapless men over there.  Note the english subtitles below they are hilarious! Men…. be happy you were not raised in China 🙂

It is well known among Chinese men these days that the minimum bar to even have a shot at getting to second base consists of:

  1. Do you own your own apartment without a super heavy mortgage balance?
  2. If the answer to 1 is (no), then do you at least have a respectable car?
  3. Are your job prospects looking positive such that I don’t have to work?
  4. You told me you are married, but your resume looks so hot that I don’t believe you so either you want me to be a mistress or there must be something profoundly wrong with your personality if no other of hundreds of millions of girls in China have snapped you up already!

Dating Chinese girls is asking for world of high maintenance headache.  Although this is generalization, the younger the generation you are chasing, the more unrealistic and krazy their expectations.  Stay tuned for more on how to mitigate the impossible requests of girls in China.




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