Dashcam catches Chinese Toddler falling out of car on Highway


This poor toddler in China (apparently near Wujiang in Jiangsu province) tumbles out of his grandfather’s van as it drives away on a highway and leaves her in the dust.  To the credit of the little girl, she doesn’t skip a beat and gets up to chase after her ride. The grandfather told local media that the toddler was initially riding in the backseat, but climbed into the rear cargo hold when he wasn’t looking.

Fortunately, oncoming cars managed to give the tot, who appeared to be unhurt, a wide berth. It’s unclear if anyone stopped to assist the child.  The women in the car behind the van got out to make sure that the kid was safe.  CCTV reports that the kid was rescued by a warehouse manager named Du Xiuli. She was honored in a ceremony, but waved off praise saying that it is what any mother would do.


Chinese toddler falls out of car 01

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