China’s Donald Trump gets banned from Social Media – Loses 37 million followers


Yes, this news is no joke.  Ren Zhiqiang , one of China’s most prominent real estate developer’s and one who has been extremely vocal and critical of the government was cutoff from his 37 Million followers on the Chinese version of twitter.  (called weibo)  Nevermind that he made the Forbes list of 400 richest in China with a wealth of some $5 billion dollars, at a market value of $1 dollar for each follower, his social media account alone is worth $120 million dollars!

BUT…as usual China has it’s own oriental style of handling Krazy talkin’ business men!  The warning shot across the bow was fired by stripping Mr. Ren Zhiqiang of all his fans.  That would be akin to shutting down Donald Trump’s twitter and facebook account, then threatening him with jail time…. we’d like to know who Trump would want to “Fire” were that to happen someday 🙂

Things Mr. Ren Zhiqiang (aka “The Cannon”) has said to gain notoriety:

“Real estate is supposed to be an enterprise with enormous profits.”

“I am a businessman, I don’t consider the poor.”

“Publicly revealing developer’s costs is paramount to men revealing their wives’ measurements.”

“If you can’t afford a house, why not return to the countryside?”

“When did the ‘People’s Government’ turn into the ‘Party’s Government,’” he asked. “Don’t use taxpayers money to fund things that don’t provide them with services.”

“Once all the media is part of one family and stops representing the interests of the people, then the people will be cast aside and left in some forgotten corner.”

Internet authorities on Sunday shut down Ren’s social media accounts, saying they contained unspecified “illegal information” which had a “vile influence” on society. Beijing Communist Party officials on Monday threatened Ren with unspecified punishment for violating party rules.

For those who want to read about public reaction in China to this novel approach to muzzling an alleged troublemaker an easy basic read is available at the Washington Post Link.

A Video is available at this Wallstreet Journal Link



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