Cadillac swims with Gold fish in Shanghai!


In the heart of Shanghai (Xintiandi) Cadillac decided to drown one of its new cars in a Houdini-like display.  Apparently they tested the paint for several weeks underwater to make sure it could withstand the abuse and not peel or flake.  So there you have it, if you want to drive your Caddy underwater… We are not sure whether to feel sorry for the car or the gold fish.  This is how branding is done in China nowadays!

Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai1 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai2 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai3 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai4 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai5 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai7 Cadillac_gold_fish_shanghai8



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