Woman orders iphone 6 online and receives a Pear..


In yet another cautionary tale, to not be an idiot online, a woman from Wuxi China got quite the surprise recently when she opened up the package that she thought contained her new iPhone6s, only to find a pear on the back.

The woman surnamed Zhao said that she found an unbelievably great deal online for an iPhone, after adding the seller, they agreed she would only pay 600 USD for an Apple iPhone6s, NetEase reports.

However, the seller soon messaged her back that an unexpected problem had occurred, the phone had been seized by customs, she would have to pay him 800 USD more, which he would then refund back to her once she got the phone. Apparently, thinking that plan sounded totally legit, she transferred over the money.

In the end, to no one’s surprise except for her own, she didn’t receive exactly what she ordered. Instead of a new Apple iPhone6s at a cut-rate, she found she had paid 1300 USD for a Pear Phone. When she tried to contact the seller for a refund, she found he had blacklisted her.

But hey, it is only money after all, it’s not like she sold her kidney or kid for it.



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