Krazy Electronic Music Party – China Style!


STORM 2015

From First Contact with Earth to Awakening the city of Shanghai, The Arctaurians have arrived with their mothership rising from the unknown, taking Storm to the next level, The Rise. 

What can we say other than… This was an awesome party my any international standard.  Kids in China are rocking to technobeats more than ever.  And in case you are wondering, yes they know all the DJ names…


Here is what the Advertisement text says:….note I don’t know what an “Auctaurian” is.

On October 3rd and 4th the Auctaurian race returns to earth for the third time bringing with them the biggest and most exhilarating music festival China has ever seen – Budweiser STORM. Wake your minds. Free your souls, open your arms and let the Auctaurians show you an experience that will leave ripples in the fabric of the universe. More than 40,000 beautiful people, a waterfront venue on the west bund, and some of the best DJs, producers and artists from around the globe. China is finally ready. Shanghai is ready, are you?





Location: Xuhui Bingjiang Greenspace

Address: No. 455 Ruining Road (At the corner of Ruining Road and Longteng Avenue)

Continuous music from 13:30 to 22:15

Venus doors open: 13:00




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