Favorite drink choices for China’s stylish party goers


When going out for dinner or after party, or after AFTER PARTY, there are definitely some favorite drink choices for the fashionable types in China.  If you haven’t partied properly in China, then perhaps you missed the KRAZY amount of Champagne that is consumed here.  Perrier Jouet and Dom are the go-to drinks if you don’t want to make your friends feel you are cheaping out!

Dinner must involve a ratio of at least 1 to 2 bottles worth of wine and champagne consumption per attending guest.  Pictured below is most- but not all of- the alochol consumed just during dinner (not the whole night) for 7 guests.


When going out clubbing, the stakes are even higher.  Many wouldn’t dare attend unless they feel like springing for the minimum socially acceptable half dozen bottles of champagne to cover a ration of 1:1 bottles per guest.  The average club table will have 8 to 12 bottles of Champagne just for show, and maybe they might get through two thirds by the time the night is over.  Pictured here is the coverage ratio for 3 people: (I think I count 6 bottles)

Champagne mookAnd pictured below is the coverage for about 8 people.  What is difficult to see is that there are actually three display cases full of champagne, one behind another.  Positioned such that anyone walking by would feel that they opened their own private bar in the club, with enough bottles (at least 50) to open their own bar.  Just in case you don’t get the message, they want to make the biggest statement “LOOK AT US!  WE ARE NOT LOSERS!”

Night Club champagne trolley



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