Golf is HOT! and so is Shenzhen!!


Only in China will you find a renaissance of all sorts of trends passed by in the West.  Just like the diamond market (De Boers really owes China big!) golf is a sport that is super hot across the country.  And not just amongst men!  There is a high participation among women of all ages, as this sport fits very well with the “lower physical intensity” type activities that Chinese love.  (Run a marathon?? Not Interested).  Golf costs twice to three times as much as in the United States, and despite bans of construction of more golf courses, the sport is set to grow.  And there are quite a few places in China with year-round playing weather.  Pictured here is Shenzhen in 2015, and yes, there is a booming real estate market there as you can see from the cranes on the horizon.




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