Eight of Top 10 richest Chinese billionaire youngsters are self-made.


Before you dive into this list, those less familliar with China need to know two terms:  WEIBO is the Twitter of China.  And WECHAT is now the facebook+whatsapp of China.

Eight of the 10 young guns in this list are self-made.  Two inherited family wealth.  And it is extremely likely that this list is not near comprehensive since many of China’s elite prefer to stay in the shadows for fear of persecution.  And so China’s wealth is generally vastly under-reported.  The author of this article compiled this information starting from the recent Forbes list and other sources online.  Source article is here:  http://www.whatsonweibo.com/chinas-youngest-billionaires/

wang-han--28-years-old-13-billionNo. 1 – Wang Han (王瀚, 28 years old): 1.3 billion US$ At just 28 years, Wang Han became one of the world’s youngest billionaires – he is number 7 in the international top 10. Wang became a billionaire after inheriting shares in regional airline Juneyao Air (吉祥航空有限公司) from his late father Wang Junyao (王均瑶), who was the founder. According to Forbes, Wang Han owns 27% of the airline and 14% of department store Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient (无锡商业大厦大东方股份有限公司). The Juneyao Group also has businesses in the education and food sector. They are also active on social media; Juneyao also has a rather large fanbase on its Weibo account.

wangyue_kingnetNo. 2 – Wang Yue (王悦, 32 years old): 1.1 billion US$ Wang Yue is a newcomer to the list of the world’s youngest billionaires, according to Forbes 2016. He is called China’s “web game billionaire”. Wang earned a fortune being an online and mobile game entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Shanghai Kingnet Technology (上海恺英网络科技有限公司), better known as Kingnet (恺英网络).

Didi-Kuaidi-chief-executive-Cheng-Wei-UBERNo. 3 – Cheng Wei (程维, 33 years old): 1 billion US$ Cheng Wei (程维, 1983) is CEO of China’s Uber rival Didi Kuaidi (滴滴快滴), a transportation company which was formed in early 2015 as a merge of Cheng’s company Didi Dache and Alibaba’s Kuaidi Dache. Previous to starting his own company, Cheng worked for Alibaba for 8 years and became vice president for Alibaba’s online payment service Alipay. Cheng has a verified Weibo account, but he has not posted much since his rise to fame.

yanghuiyanNo. 4 – Yang Huiyan (杨惠妍, 34 years old): 4.9 billion US$ Born in 1981, Yang Huiyan from Guangdong’s Foshan is one of the world’s richest women. She became the largest shareholder of real estate developer Country Garden Holdings (碧桂园集团) after her father transferred his holdings to her when she was just 25 years old (also see the featured image). According to its official website, Country Gardens is “a company constantly fighting for the development of a harmonious society.”

To view the remaining list, please visit the source article below:

These Are China’s Youngest Billionaires



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